Skin Disorders in Wrestling

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Skin Disorders in Wrestling
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In the sport of wrestling, weight cutting typically gives the sport a black eye or bad name.  A close second is skin disorders or communicable diseases.  Wrestlers with contagious skin disorders or communicable diseases should not be permitted to compete or practice.  This is the responsibility of the parent and the coach but it ultimately falls on the official or event physician to make the final determination.


Communicable diseases are serious and have shut down wrestling teams and shut down wrestling state-wide.  Coaches and parents should be educated on the types of communicable diseases and it is their responsibility not to permit wrestlers that are contagious to compete or practice and until they get the proper medical help/treatment.


This page is for referees, coaches and parents in hopes of gaining a better understanding of this part of wrestling.  The NFHS, NCAA and International Styles (USA Wrestling and FILA) prohibit a wrestler from participating with a communicable disease. 

  • Skin Disorder Information


NWCA Webinar on Preventing Skin Infections

Skin Checks by T-Rex (Texas)

2010 NCAA Video on Skin Conditions

Cleaning Wrestling Mats

Cleaning Wrestling Mats to Prevent MRSA (Requires PowerPoint)

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Skin Disease Information by William L. Dienst, Jr, MD; Lowell Dightman, MD; Mark S. Dworkin, MD; Robert K. Thompson, MD

Skin Disorder Slide Show by Dr. Robert A. Silverman

The Truth About Ringworm by Amatuer Wrestler.Com

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Wrestling Aids

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  • Skin Disorder Forms

NFHS Skin Condition Form as of April 2012 (Note: Different states may have their own form/standard; Added May 7, 2012)

NCAA Skin Disorder Form

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