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Review various live video clips for certain situations and see if you agree with the call or not.

This section is not intended to bash or embarrass any official.  Every official at all levels has had to make a close call from time to time and justify their call when challenged.  These clips have no right or wrong answer because none of us had to make the call on the video.  The purpose is to watch tough situations and learn from them, so you either agree or disagree.  Wrestling officials can learn a great deal from watching fellow referees in tough situations.  I’ll post clips as I find them and I would welcome anyone to send me clips to foster discussion.


  • Takedowns

Takedown #1 (College)

Takedown #2 (College)

Takedown #3 Did time expire?(College)

Takedown #4 (High School)

Takedown #5 (High School)

Takedown #6 (High School) (:50 into match)

Takedown #7 (High School)(Find the Tonge vs. Moskowitz4 match, start watching around 4:15 into the video)

Takedown #8 + Near Fall? (High School) (6:50 into match)

Takedown #9 (College) (9:40 into match)

Takedown #10 (High School) (5:30 into match)

Takedown #11 (Folk-Style) (:20 into match)

  • Reversals

Reversal & Near Fall (College) (6:00 into match)

Randy Lewis vs. Lee Roy Smith (Free-style) 1984 Olympic Team Trials. This match ended up in court to determine the winner.

  • Escapes

Escape or Not # 1? (High School)

Escape or Not #2? (High School)

Escape and Injury Time

Escape or Not #3? (5:09 into match)

Escape, Reversal or Nothing? (High School) (7:30 into match)

  • Falls / Near Fall / Exposure

Multiple Near Fall Counts/Same Situation (Start watching 1:00 into video)

Tapping Out (College) Stop or Let it Go?

Fall or no fall? (College)

Defensive Fall (College) Look around the 3:00 and 3:40 time

  • Slams

Slam or Not (watch entire video, 2 potential slams)

Slam #1 (High School)

Slam #2 (High School)

Slam #3 (High School)

Slam #4 (High School)

Slam #5 (High School)

  • Infractions

Penalty or Nothing?

Not Penalizing Quickly

Locked Hands (3:37 into match)

Unsportsmanlike Conduct/Control of Mat/Questioning Referee (College) (6:00 into match)

Stalling or Fleeing? (High School) (1:20 and 4:08 into match)

Feeling the Mat? (College)

Fleeing the Mat Call (High School, about :30 into match)

Fleeing the Mat (End of Period)

Locked Hands or Not (4:38 into match)

Fleeing the Mat or Stalling? (7:15 into match)

Fleeing the Mat or Not? (College)

Stalling or Stalemate During Tie Breaker (College)

Unsportsmanlike Conduct (High School)

Stalling (High School)(Also look for false starts from neutral)

Illegal Hold or Potentially Dangerous (High School) (5:40 into match)

Unethical Coaching (High School)

Offensive Stalling? (High School)

Hands to the Face, Flagrant Misconduct? (College)

Full Nelson? (Free-Style, 1984--2:55 in the match)

Flagrant Misconduct/Assualt (High School) on an Official

  • Misc.

New York Official Gives Video Clinic on Control (Added November 21, 2011)

New Jersey Wrestling Officials Clinic Videos (added November 14, 2011)

2011-12 NCAA Tough Calls Video

Dr. Pat McCormick Discusses Assigning Officials at NCAA D-III Championships

Referee Grabbing Wrestler

International Wrestling Virtual Score Keeper (Test Your Free-Style and Greco-Roman Rules Knowledge)

How Not to Officiate from YouTube.Com & Vision Quest (Try to keep track of the errors)

Fan Misconduct (Folk-Style)

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