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The National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) is the governing body for folk-style wrestling below the collegiate level.  The NFHS rules establish the baseline for folk-style wrestling.  Some states may amend, adopt or experiment with some rules other than those established by the NFHS.  You need to be familiar with your State's interpretations of the NFHS rules.  Folk-style clubs or leagues may also modify some rules.

  • Rules Publications/Updates

Unfortunatley, the NFHS does not have their Rules Book or Case Book and Manual available on line for download unless you are a member of the NFHS.  Books must be purchased through the NFHS and will be mailed to you.  Most states or associations will provide you a copy of the books each season as part of your membership dues.



2015-16 NFHS Rules Changes Announced

Click Here to Order the 2015-16 NFHS Wrestling Publications (Available in August 2015)



The NFHS has released their new e- rules books that will complement the printed books. The books are available for Kindle readers, tablets and smart phones. Simply go to www.amazon.com and search for "2015 NFHS Wrestling." The cost will be $5.99 for the rules book and $5.99 for the case manual. You can also access e-rules books here: http://www.nfhs.org/articles/rules-books-and-case-books-available-as-e-books/

NFHS Signal Chart (Updated November 17, 2014)

NFHS Penalty Chart

NFHS Scorers and Timers Instructions

NFHS Skin Condition Form as of April 2012 (Note: Different states may have their own form/standard; Added November 14, 2014)

Two-Piece Uniform Statement from the NFHS

  • The Gear Bag

High School Rules Photos in Color (Updated November 20, 2014)

High School and College Rules Differences (2014-15)

College vs. High School In-Bounds Differences (Updated November 14, 2013)

Communication Begins with the Right Signals by Bob Whitaker (added October 4, 2012)

New York Official Gives Video Clinic on Control (Added November 21, 2011)

New Jersey Wrestling Officials Clinic Videos (added November 14, 2011)

Random Draw Kit with New High School Weight Classes (updated July 22, 2013)

Kentucky Wrestling Officials Assoc. Articles

High School Practice Exam

Pre-Meet Duty Checklist Example

Basic School for Referees by Jim Woolnough

Previous Seasons NFHS Rules Interpretations

Illegal Holds Presentation by Jim Vreeland (Ohio)

Establishing or Lossing Control, by the Washington Officials Association

Penalty Presentation by Ohio's Officials Association

Rules Clinic (Texas)

Role of the Assistant Referee by Jon Hammond

Wrestling Officiating Mechanics by Fred Feeney

State and Local Wrestling Officials Associations

High School and College Random Draw Kit

NFHS Slide Show for Unnecessary Roughness & Slams

Near Fall Explanation, by Jim Woolnough

Figure Four and Head Scissors Slide Show by Duane Morgan

Pre-Meet Duties Slide Show by Byron Olson

Near Falls, Rule 5-12-2 in one slide

High School Rules Concordance

Near Fall Visual Description, by Steve Long

On-Line Rules Test from www.matref.org (Ohio)

Fleeing the Mat Article (Reprinted with permission of the National Federation of State High School Associations)

Correctable Errors Article 2005-06 (Reprinted with permission of the National Federation of State High School Associations)

Skin Disorder Slide Show

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